REKLAMPORT, has been established in 2008, with the aim to deliver Digital Advertising services. Providing services in display, mobile, online video, performance-based marketing and digital radio measuring, Reklamport offers a technology platform and campaign process management services used by all digital media channels.

REKLAMPORT provides 360° services to media agencies, advertisers and publishers, with operational, optimization and technical support for the involved technology products.

REKLAMPORT keeps up with innovations in technology and advertising, and strives to contribute to market development. In this way, it aims to generate the highest added value for its stakeholders in its business processes.



Reklamport Adserver is an adserver software that runs on a measurable, extensible and robust infrastructure. It is based on state-of-the-art Web 2.0 technologies, and cutting-edge tools and services.

The software enables different types of creative content to be published at high performance standards. Seamless and high-quality service provision is ensured by the integration of automatic monitoring and routing components. Starting out from the initial development phase, the product is developed and managed with a methodology that includes detailed analyses, extensive design process modeling and a continually used software development lifecycle.

General Application Features

  • Web-based user-friendly, flexible and secure user interfaces
  • Real-Time Campaign Management Architecture
  • Secure Support For Different User Types
  • Extensible and Customizable Infrastructure
  • Instant and Continuous Notification and Alert Systems
  • Flexible and Detailed Reporting Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence Tier
  • API-Based Integration with Third Party Systems (SAP, Google, etc.)
  • Post-click and Post-view Analyses Performance and Delivery (User Action Tracking)
  • User Action Monitoring and Reporting (Conversion Tracking)
  • Day, Time and Date Restriction Application
  • Frequency Capping
  • 24/7 Operational Support
  • Instant and Continuous Campaign Reporting (Real-time)


Campaign Management

Instant reporting and monitoring is possible during campaign management with manual and systematic optimization. Maximum reach is targeted during a campaign through creative and medium optimization.

In Reklamport, campaigns are continuously controlled and optimized throughout their lifecycle. Online advertising evaluates all statistical data about your campaign to generate output that will generate added value for your company and ensures a campaign management aligned with your targets. In this perspective, the lifecycle of campaigns is defined with the following stages at Reklamport:

Goal Setting:

Before launching a campaign, first the expectations of the advertiser from the campaign are determined. These expectations are company specific goals with measurable and accessible parameters, during and at the end of a given campaign.


Online advertising strategies are formulated by our experienced and successful team, within the perspective of the products and services provided by your company. During implementation, the competition strategy of the advertiser is supported in the most optimal fashion, in light of the digital advertising competition analyses performed at this stage.

Method and Tool Setting:

This is the third step that involves pre-campaign preparations where the objective is to determine the methods that will be used to implement the campaign goals and strategies, and the channels that will be utilized for publishing.


This stage involves activities that focus on ensuring optimum management of the campaigns to ensure goal attainment, as well as proactively preventing undesirable campaign outcomes that are not aligned with the campaign goals and attaining maximum customer satisfaction at the end of campaign implementation. Campaign optimizations are performed by taking many parameters into account, such as the creative direction and content publishing inventory, campaign goals, and the publishing geography and dates.


This service involves sharing all kinds of statistical data generated during and at the end of the campaign, with internal and external customers.


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